The Arabian Nights in Wisconsin (2010-2011)

The Arabian Nights in Wisconsin built upon the success of previous Great World Texts in Wisconsin programs. During the 2010-2011 academic year, high school and college classes from across the state participated in reading The Arabian Nights and presented their work to each other at a spring conference. Teachers attended two all-day workshops, at which they received an Educators’ Guide to Teaching The Arabian Nights, heard talks from experts on the text and its contexts, and collaborated to plan their curricula.

Teaching Guide

Keynote Speaker: Student Conference and Public Lecture

Aly Jetha and Shabnam Rezaei are the creators of 1001 Nights, an animated television series developed and produced in Vancouver. The series premiered in the United States on the Disney Channel in January of 2012. Jetha and Rezaei met with students and answered questions at our student conference on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

Support for The Arabian Nights in Wisconsin

The Arabian Nights in Wisconsin was sponsored by the UW-Madison Center for Humanities, African Studies Program, Global Studies Program, and the Anonymous Fund of the College of Letters & Science. With generous support from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Evjue Foundation, the Charitable Arm of The Capital Times.