Humanities Responders

The Public Humanities Exchange (HEX and HEX-U) continues to be primarily a program designed to encourage student-initiated public humanities projects. However, we invite both existing and potential community partners to contact the Center with public needs that might be well-suited to the skills and interests of UW-Madison students. Please contact Public Humanities Program Coordinator Danielle Weindling to discuss how your organization might pair these opportunities with the HEX scholarship.

The Humanities Responder branch of the Public Humanities Exchange offers opportunities to both graduate and undergraduate students, depending on the call for applications. Students from across campus are eligible to apply.

As with traditional HEX projects, Humanities Responder projects are funded on a one-to-two semester basis, depending on the nature of the work. One-semester projects will receive $1000 in funding; two-semester projects will receive $2000. All projects receive a $600 award stipend regardless of project timeline. Each project follows three main stages: planning, implementation, and capstone.

Existing Community Needs

This fall, we have a new opportunity for students interested in joining the Humanities Responder arm of the HEX program.

Students are also encouraged to utilize the Wisconsin Idea Exchange, hosted by the Morgridge Center for Public Service, where community partners regularly self-identify their needs for potential university partnership.

Black Like Me Podcast

Listener Space HEX Scholar

Applications due: Monday, November 6, 2023 (or until filled)

The Black Like Me Podcast is seeking a graduate student (or highly qualified undergraduate senior) who is interested, motivated, and capable of creating, curating, and moderating a digital space for listeners of the podcast to discuss the content of the show and to build a community oriented toward change on the issue of race. This student will work with the existing Black Like Me Podcast team to identify and facilitate the creation of a suitable platform for the discussion space, as well as develop a method for guiding and moderating the space that is consistent with the aims of Dr. Gee’s work and the “feel” of the podcast, which contains both elements of anger and curiosity, honesty and humor.

Call for Applications