Dante’s Inferno in Wisconsin (2006-2007)

Dante’s Inferno in Wisconsin was the second in a series of year-long collaborations sponsored by the Center for the Humanities, bringing classic world literature into the reach of teachers and students around the state. With its focus on bridging classrooms across the divide between secondary and higher education, the program has succeeded by bringing materials, expertise, curricula, and training to teachers from a wide range of disciplines, to encourage the discussion of great books. Continuing programs continue and expand its scope by offering learning resources and mentorship to a greater selection of high school and college classrooms in Wisconsin.

Teaching Guide

Support for Dante’s Inferno in Wisconsin

Dante’s Inferno in Wisconsin was sponsored by the UW-Madison Department of French and Italian, Center for European Studies (CES), Integrated Liberal Studies, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, WisItalia, Italian Workmen’s Club, Italian American Women’s Club, Oxford University Press and Farrar, Straus and Giroux.