Undergraduate Exchange Program

About HEX-U

The Public Humanities Exchange Program for Undergraduates (HEX-U) is a high-impact practice for undergraduate students at UW-Madison who wish to make meaningful connections between their humanities scholarship and the needs of the local community through new models of social engagement. The program provides training, mentoring, and small grant financial support to small cohorts of undergraduate scholars as they plan and implement creative community projects in partnership with Dane County organizations.

Projects may be focused on, but are not limited to:

  • developing relationships and networks
  • cultivating & sharing perspectives
  • creating programs
  • providing services

Projects might engage with or result in an artifact that serves as a "capstone" to the project process and/or to undergraduate study, such as:

  • blogs, websites, digital storytelling
  • zines
  • texts, curricula, anthologies
  • artwork, exhibitions
  • dramatic performances
  • biographies, memoirs
  • panels, parties, discussions series
  • podcasts
  • documentary films & photography, online video channels
  • guided tours of historic places
  • development of digital platforms
  • multimedia publication
  • oral history
  • & much more

All projects should be designed to benefit both the student(s) and community partner.

Each student or team of students is awarded a $600 stipend. Additionally, we expect most projects to receive up to approximately $2,000 in funding, to be determined upon review of each project's proposed budget. Funds are disbursed upon completion of HEX-U Program requirements, see the HEX-U Scholar Portal/Handbook for details.

As part of the ongoing support process, HEX-U scholars will be expected to:

  • meet with the HEX-U Coordinator prior to and throughout their project
  • attend a HEX-U orientation
  • attend bi-monthly HEX-U workshops throughout the duration of their project
  • propose and maintain a budget for up to approximately $2,000 in project funding, as needed/applicable
  • execute their project for its full duration

Who can apply?

Any UW-Madison undergraduate student or team of students with a background in the humanities and an idea for a community project are encouraged to apply. Seniors should have at least two semesters of study remaining before degree completion. All applicants are encouraged to discuss project ideas with the Program Coordinator prior to submitting an application.