The Space-Relations workshop starts with two central questions that rethink space from a relational perspective:

  • How do we think of space not as a container but a conductor of relations?
  • How do we think of space not merely as a form of relations but also as a method that forms relations?

The workshop works upon/within/through space as mattering—disconnecting and reconnecting relations among ideas, technologies, non/human bodies, places, time, etc. By doing so, we attempt to investigate how the material and symbolic ways in which we configure space also generate relations immanent to the making of space.

The workshop hopes to bring together faculty, students, and non-UW scholars whose research potentially destabilizes a static understanding of space and broadly conceives space as a transdisciplinary method. We attempt to examine themes of nonetheless interrelated productions of arts and literature, teaching and learning, everyday life, security, revolution, futurity, spirituality, and tradition and modernity.

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Visiting Artist Colloquium and Lunch
Artist, Writer, and Educator
Apr 10
Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, L160
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