Plutarch in Byzantium

This workshop explores the influence of the Greek author Plutarch (c. 45 - c. 125 CE) on the literature produced during the Byzantine Empire (4th century - 15th century). Since these intellectual interactions often do not function at the level of direct quotation of Plutarch by a Byzantine author, they can be most effectively discovered and studied by scholars of Plutarch and of Byzantine writing working collaboratively. Those who are intimately familiar with Plutarch’s work can help recognize his influence in Byzantine texts while those who study Byzantine culture can interpret the cultural context and significance of the intellectual engagement with Plutarch. The workshop is a unique opportunity for advancing scholarly understanding of medieval use and interpretation of classical ideas.

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Monica Haller

Visiting Artist Colloquium and Lunch
Artist, Writer, and Educator
Apr 10
Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, L160
800 University Avenue
5:00 PM Terra Incognita Art Series
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