Oct 18
Banquet Room, University Club
432 East Campus Mall

Lisa Adams and David Miller

Literary Agent and Co-Founder of the Garamond Agency (Adams); President of Island Press (Miller)
Book Publishing in the Humanities

Please note: space is limited and registration is required for this event. 
Email rsvp@humanities.wisc.edu to reserve a space. 
The reservation deadline is 12:00PM on Friday, October 12.

Join us for a discussion of book publishing in the humanities--from project to proposal to publication to publicity. The workshop will include a presentation by Lisa Adams (Literary Agent and Co-Founder of the Garamond Agency) and David Miller (President of Island Press), who will talk about writing first and subsequent scholarly books at a time of significant changes in the academy, in publishing, and in the ways ideas circulate.

Cosponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Studies.

Lisa Adams is a literary agent and the co-founder of the Garamond Agency, where she represents authors of idea-driven nonfiction in fields ranging from history, psychology, and economics to science and technology. Lisa worked for publishers in New York and Boston for over fifteen years before she started representing authors. She began in the subsidiary rights department at Random House and worked in a variety of capacities for Basic Books (where she was Associate Publisher), Newmarket Press, and Addison Wesley Longman. Before launching the Garamond Agency with David Miller, she was a founding partner of the Boston Literary Group. She served as the Chair of the Board of The New Press and the Treasurer of the Board of Curbstone Press.

David Miller is the President of Island Press, the world’s leading environmental publisher. He began his career in publishing at Addison Wesley Longman, where he published numerous New York Times bestsellers and three National Book Award finalists.  The list included highly-regarded books by T. Berry Brazelton, Susan Love, H. G. Bissinger, and Melissa Fay Greene. David founded Helix Books, a science imprint where he published books by Richard Feynman, John Holland, and Sir Martin Rees. As executive vice president and president of trade, professional, and international publishing, he had responsibility for the international sales of all the company’s products and all local publishing activities around the world. David has served on the Executive Board of both the Trade Division and the International Division of the Association of American Publishers.

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