Feb 17
Village Community Cohousing
1104 Mound St.
6:00 PM Terra Incognita Art Series

becoming-Botanicals: A Night of Readings

Various Artists

Join us on Sunday, February 17th for a fireside reading of select poems and prose from becoming-Botanicals. 6:00 potluck, hot chocolate + desserts offered at 7:00, and select readings at 7:15.

Authors include Robert Budde, Caroline Carlsmith, Lindsey French & Willy Smart, Susan Podebradsky, Ann Rosenthal & Geetanjali Sachdev, Celeste Snowber, Heather Swan, Andy Yang. 

becoming-Botanicals is a long-term antidisciplinary project aiming to investigate and re-imagine the human/plant relationship with a view towards a sustainable future. We believe that new experiences with and deeper understanding of nonhuman life garners an ecocentric and empathetic perspective crucial to living sustainably in a shifting climate.

A Post-Modern Liber Herbalis Central to the first phase of becoming-Botanicals is the curation and publication of a ‘book of herbs’ which asks contributors and readers to contemplate in what ways we interact and depend on plant-life in a post-modern era and what future interactions and dependencies may be. The pamphlet will comprise of a selection of short provocative entries from practitioners of a myriad of scientific and artistic disciplines, accompanied by found, submitted and illustrated visual imagery to disrupt, contradict, or complement the entries. It is imagined that this collection of disparate ideas can act as a catalyst for creative thinking and artistic practice in the widening field of sustainability and performance ecologies.

This event is made possible by the Center for Culture, History, and Environment and many additional artists who are contributing their talents and time. 

Borghesi-Mellon Workshops

Monica Haller

Visiting Artist Colloquium and Lunch
Artist, Writer, and Educator
Apr 10
Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, L160
800 University Avenue
5:00 PM Terra Incognita Art Series

Aaron Walker

Water Infrastructures Handbook 1348-2019, Print & Resist Zinefest
Apr 13
Madison Public Library
201 W. Mifflin Street
All Day Terra Incognita Art Series