Terra Incognita Art Series: Artists Exploring our New Ecological Epoch

This artist-led workshop and event series showcases a range of expressions that explore the relationships between humans and the world they inhabit. Our mission is twofold: 

  1.  through the arts and humanities, to investigate environmental issues honoring the experiences, aesthetics, and struggles embedded in these topics, and
  2. bring people together with diverse, but interconnected, interests and identities. 

As we face a new epoch of environmental complexity, we need to encourage multidisciplinarity, a broader approach to environmental studies and the arts, and supportive learning communities.

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2017-18 Series

October 7 Christa Donner & Andrew Yang: Ecological Storytelling: Imaginative Experiments for All AgesBubbler @ Madison Public Library–1:00-3:00pm 

November 3 Nestle: Bird SongsFredric March Play Circle Memorial Union–7:00pm

November 30 Nina Elder: An Artistic Approach to Non-Linear ResearchAn Artistic Approach to Non-Linear Research. 8411 Sewell Social Science–12:30-2:00pm

December/January – Installation by Nick Lally in the Leopold Hall Greenhouse 

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