Environmental Justice in a Multispecies World

“Environmental Justice in a Multispecies World” brings together researchers across multiple disciplines to carve out new terrain at the underexplored intersection of multispecies studies and political ecology. These fields share a broad concern about what kinds of life are able to thrive in the so-called Anthropocene, yet often speak past each other—political ecology focusing on institutional critique to promote social justice and multispecies scholars attending more to the ethics of encounters among human and nonhuman life. The workshop will build a conversation at the intersection of these two trajectories to consider the following questions: How should we and nonhuman others live together? How have entangled histories of colonial and capitalist exploitation shaped contemporary configurations among humans and other species? How do class, racial, gender, and other politics shape multispecies encounters? How can recognizing multiple forms of life reframe techno-scientific management? How might attention to multispecies ethics redefine the politics and structures of environmental justice?

In biweekly meetings, we discuss emerging literature across these fields and workshop research in progress. We also run a series of day-long writing workshops with external scholars. In addition to helping coalesce and sustain a campus conversation on these themes, this shared work will culminate in a jointly authored manuscript and a cross-institutional funding proposal that focuses on enacting the type of grounded research that can emerge from this productive theoretical intersection.

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