Sawyer Seminar on Biopolitics

Conference (May 3 & 4, 2013)

Detailed Agenda of Presentations

Readings (optional)

In the academic years 2011-2013, the series of seminars titled "Biopolitics: Life in Past and Present" explored the mutually productive spheres of politics and the life sciences. Generously funded by an A.W. Mellon John E. Sawyer Seminars grant, the seminar brought together scholars within and across institutions and disciplines, essentially creating a mini-research center. The seminar gathered a core group of participants, showcased works-in-progress by prominent and emerging scholars, and provided research stipends to three dissertation fellows, a postdoctoral fellow, and four faculty fellows from a variety of disciplines. In the spring of 2013 a capstone conference was held to present work developed in the seminar to the wider public, and to gather work developed for the seminar meetings into a published volume.