Iwanter Prize
Iwanter Winners

Iwanter Winners

The annual Iwanter Prize provides an unrestricted $2,000 award to one graduating senior who, through a senior thesis and general academic distinction, demonstrates outstanding humanities-based scholarship of a broad and interdisciplinary nature. The award is made possible by a gift to the UW Foundation by Sidney E. Iwanter, an alumnus of the College of Letters & Science (BA History, 1971). Application information here.

2016-17 Iwanter Prize:
Isaiah Stock (Political Science)
Thesis: A Reluctant Game-Changer: Examining Pre-exposure Prophylaxis through Epistemological Pluralism with Professor John Zumbrunnen advising.

2016-17 Honorable Mention:
Samuel Gee (History and Religious Studies)
Thesis: Scientific Salvation: Mystical Experience and the Psychology of Religion in America, 1880-1930 with Professor Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen and Dr. Corrie Norman advising.

2015-16 Iwanter Prize:
Margaret McLaughlin (Art History, Classical Humanities)
Thesis: Heroes, Horses, and Heaven: The Mythological Ideology of the Thracian Elite with Professor Nick Cahill advising.

2014-15 Iwanter Prize: 
Alexander Sherman (Mathematics, English)
Thesis: Approximating Characters: The Waves and Fourrier Analysis, with Professor Susan Stanford Friedman advising.

2014-15 Honorable Mentions:
Chelsea Cornelius (Philosophy, Religious Studies)
Thesis: Cyberspace as Sacred Space: Mapping Online Feminist-Religious Identity, Community, and Coalition Building with Professor Susan Zaeske advising.

Megan Ness (History)
Thesis: Children at Work: Childhood Labor in the Ancient Greek World with Professor Claire Taylor advising.

2013-14 Iwanter Prize:
Benjamin Blackman (English)
Thesis: Informing the Human: Patterned Bodies from Romanticism to Postmodernity, with Professor Monique Allewaert advising.

2013-14 Honorable Mention: Laura Sevelis, (Art History and Zoology)
Thesis: A State of Wonder: Blaschka Marine Invertebrates and the Tension Between Religion and Science, 1863 -1890, with Professor Nancy Rose Marshall advising.

2012-2013 Iwanter Prize:
Kyrie Eleison H. Caldwell (Art History and Religious Studies)

2011-2012 Iwanter Prize:
Jamie Stark (Political Science)

2011-12 Honorable Mention:
Susan Burns (History)

2010-11: Jeff Eversman (History)

2009-10: Catherine Victoria Olien (Anthropology)

2008-09: Molly Eddy (Anthropology)

2007-08: Claire Allen (Anthropology)

2006-07: Lindsay M. Woodbrige (English)

2005-06: Jason Rozumalski (History and Political Science)

2004-05: Michael Darnell (Slavic Languages - Russian major)

2003-04: Kristin Lambert (English)

2002-03: Sinan Sirri Kalayoglu (Geography and Political Science)

2001-02: Jyoti Raghu (English and Religious Studies)

2000-01: Chris Hemauer (Art History)