Global Midwest

The Global Midwest: Projects

Inter-Consortium Projects

Projects involving UW-Madison scholars include A History of World Music Recording; Hmong Memory at the Crossroads; The Importance of the Last Generation: Midwest Heritage German Speakers; and The Midwaste: Midwestern Wasteways and Global Futures.
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The Asian American Midwest and Mapping the Global Hmong

This project explores the rich history and presences of Asian America in the Midwest, with a particular focus on developing Hmong Studies.
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Living with Waste: New Global Economies in the Midwest

In this project we draw on preliminary data that demonstrate the dominance of the Midwest as a site for the disposal and recycling of transnational shipments of hazardous waste to ask if and how a transition from a manufacturing economy to a waste management economy affects the livelihoods and experiences of communities in the region.
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Vernaculars of the Global Midwest

Vernaculars of the Global Midwest explores the rooted yet convoluted elements of the region’s distinctive buildings and landscapes, languages and dialects, music and song through an interdisciplinary series of presentations, panel discussions, performances, and workshops focused on field research, archival collections, and digital mapping.
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