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Global Midwest 2015

Call for Proposals: 2015 Global Midwest Projects

The Humanities Without Walls consortium invites applications for funding from cross-institutional teams of faculty and graduate students wishing to collaboratively pursue research topics related to “The Global Midwest.” As a member of the Consortium, the Center for the Humanities is assisting in the coordination of applications from UW-Madison’s community of scholars.

This initiative aims to reveal and rethink the Midwest as a major force in the formation of a global economy and culture—both now and in the past. Projects may focus directly on the Midwest or examine the ways locations far from the Midwest have shaped and continue to influence the region’s past, present, and future. Some projects may take the form of “applied humanities” research created through collaborations of artists, scholars in the humanities, and/or scientists (both social and natural); Others may follow more traditional forms of research, yet all studies must be conducted through cross-institutional collaboration. Successful proposals will advance innovative and experimental research and new pedagogical practices. The size of this consortium offers the opportunity to test ideas at scale if appropriate to a project’s goals. Teams are encouraged to consider the ways their various institutional resources—including special collections, archives, digital humanities resources, museums—can be utilized to best advance new knowledge. Potential audiences for Global Midwest studies include humanities scholars, policy-makers, government officials, social scientists, artists, and an enlightened public. The theme is intentionally abstract in order to allow scholars to help define this emerging area of study.

The Humanities Without Walls consortium aims to assemble a broad portfolio of projects that will illuminate various dimensions of the Global Midwest. We encourage teams of scholars to imagine their work as a contribution to a larger intellectual mosaic that will emerge as a result of this initiative. We thus seek to support a wide and varied range of projects and subject areas.

Applications were due on October 30, 2014. See below for more information about the application process.

Application deadline: October 30th, 2014, 5:00 p.m., Central Time

UW-Madison faculty who intend to submit a proposal must send an email indicating your intent to apply, the title of your project, your external partners, and the total amount of funding you intend to apply for to Jessica Courtier at the Center for the Humanities at by October 15, 2014. We strongly recommend that you inform your department chair and/or college dean of your intent to apply. Please note also that all applications must have a record in UW-Madison’s WISPER system prior to submission. On request, the Center can provide you with an overview of this process and the appropriate contact people.

Eligibility: Research teams must include at least two tenure-line faculty at any of the Humanities Without Walls consortium institutions. Full eligibility guidelines

Application information: Application instructions, requirements, and the application portal as well as grant and award information available here:

Frequently asked questions: Please consult the Global Midwest FAQ to confirm that your proposal meets all grant-specific guidlines.

Application site: Applications must be submitted online at Applications must be submitted through the online application system. No paper or e-mailed applications (or letters of support) will be accepted.

Global Midwest projects: Additional information about emerging Global Midwest projects can be found on the Global Midwest Project Wiki.

Questions may be directed to Jessica Courtier.