Global Midwest

Global Midwest

With support from the A.W. Mellon Foundation, the Center for the Humanities is pleased to request applications for the Global Midwest project, which is meant to reveal and rethink the Midwest as a major force in the formation of a global economy and culture—both now and in the past. This project seeks to build collaboration between member institutions and demonstrate the variety of ways in which scholars in the humanities participate in and drive thinking about problems of broad interest. The Global Midwest is a project of the Humanities Without Walls consortium.

2016 Project Grants

Intent to Apply emails due October 5, 2015. Complete Applications due October 15, 2015.

The Humanities Without Walls consortium aims to assemble a broad portfolio of projects that will illuminate various dimensions of the Global Midwest. We encourage teams of scholars to imagine their work as a contribution to a larger intellectual mosaic that will emerge as a result of this initiative. We thus seek to support a wide and varied range of projects and subject areas.

Grants will support cross-institutional, collaborative projects. Qualified applicants will be tenure-line faculty at any of the Humanities Without Walls consortium institutions, and research teams must include scholars from at least two consortial institutions in order to be eligible for funding. Research teams may also include collaborators from non-consortial institutions, with the understanding that these members may not receive any Global Midwest funds. Graduate students may be included as project team members, but they must be included as full research participants and the team must be led by one or more faculty members who will serve as project coordinators. The lead applicant(s) must also come from a discipline within the humanities and/or arts, but teams may include scholars from any discipline. Projects that either have a clear timeframe for development, implementation, and conclusion or projects that have the potential for long-term sustainability and impact are welcome.

Full application information here. Contact Megan Massino with questions.

Previous Phases of the Program
2014 Seed Grants. In 2014 seed grants supported three working groups of scholars at UW-Madison for an initial two-year period. This seed funding was meant to stimulate research activity and collaboration. Funds were to be used to support faculty and student travel, purchase approved supplies, and defray costs related to external visitors, whether potential collaborators within the consortium or others who might help to provide insight into the themes and ideas under consideration. Applications were due May 5, 2014. More information here.
2015 Project Grants. This phase of the project provided larger grants to support cross-institutional, collaborative projects between faculty from at least two of the fifteen members of the Humanities Without Walls (HWW) consortium. Applications were due October 30, 2014. More information here.


Humanities Without Walls is an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded consortium composed of fifteen interdisciplinary humanities centers at Illinois, Illinois-Chicago, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pennsylvania State, Purdue, and Wisconsin.