Borghesi-Mellon Workshops
Sound Studies

Sound Studies

Contact: Jeremy Morris or Craig Eley

Coordinators: Jeremy Morris (Communication Arts), Craig Eley ​(Center for the Humanities), River Bullock (Art History), Joseph Koykkar (Dance), Troy Reeves (Oral History Archive), Jordan Zweck (English)

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In recent years, sound studies has not-so-quietly emerged as a vibrant interdisciplinary field providing innovative analytical tools and conceptual frameworks for dealing with and studying sound across a broad array of academic disciplines and contexts. From public problems such as noise pollution and environmental soundscape preservation to the cognitive and perceptual ways sound shapes and transforms human experience, sound and music are part of the fabric of everyday life. Tuning our attention to sound opens up new ways of doing history, understanding media, conceptualizing performance/identity, and analyzing contemporary social, political, and artistic processes.

Given the transdisciplinary “sonic turn” taking place in the humanities, our SoundStudies@UW workshop is meant to help build infrastructure at UW-Madison for connecting researchers, teachers, archivists, and other community members interested in the study of sound. Our workshop holds monthly gatherings to share current research, pedagogy and technical skills around sound studies, as well as features prominent, public-oriented talks by sound studies academics and practitioners. Ultimately, we aim to provide a kind of signal tower for the creation and dissemination of sound ideas, resources, and practices on campus and beyond.