Past Workshops
Art + Scholarship Year 3

Art and Scholarship Collaboratory

Contact: Andrew Salyer and Katie Schaag

Coordinators: Katie Schaag (English), Andrew Salyer (Art/Theatre), Jon McKenzie (English), Jill H. Casid (Art History), 

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Inspired by artist-scholars such as Anne Carson, Ann Hamilton, Fred Moten, Adrian Piper, and Avital Ronell, the Art and Scholarship Borghesi-Mellon Workshop is committed to investigating, inventing, and paying attention to unexpected possibilities in the praxis of scholarly research and artistic production. At the heart of our intellectual inquiry is creative experimentation—sensory perception, visual rhetoric, performative scholarship, serious play. When and how is knowledge-production a creative act? How can art theorize? What intersections do we notice between creative writing and scholarly writing?  We are captivated by the conceptual and aesthetic force of such hybrid forms as autoethnography, photo essays, artist books, experimental theory, montage, and conceptual art. View a selection of texts and objects that operate at the interstices of art and scholarship here.

Drawing upon the talents and expertise of our workshop participants – from Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Theatre, Visual Cultures, Art, Design Studies, Library and Information Studies, DesignLab, Cartography Lab, and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery – we plan to curate a series of “Collaboratory” workshops. Facilitating conversations between experimental scholarship, creative writing, performance, new media, digital text, and visualization studies, these Collaboratories will engage a richly interdisciplinary nexus of questions, practices, and possibilities for unsettling generic and medium-specific boundaries. Collaboratories will provide opportunities to engage in collective exploration of playful, creative scholarship through such practices as performance-making, sensory awareness, embodied meditation, freewriting, visualization, text collage, digital remediation, public discourse, and relational aesthetics. We hope to collaboratively produce new conceptual and aesthetic possibilities, acknowledging disciplinary constraints and expectations while conversing about the ways that our research might take on new shapes, reveal assumptions, and prompt unexpected questions.

Maintaining our commitment to the public humanities, we also plan to continue our partnership with The Bubbler at Madison Public Library as well as with Madison Performance Philosophy Collective. Additionally, in the spring semester, we propose to host another open call symposium building upon the model of our Spring 2013 event MAD THEORY. This symposium will provide the workshop participants and the Madison community at large with a dynamic time and space to showcase and discuss a wide range of practices and forms of performative scholarship, artistic research, and critical-creative collaboration.

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