Great World Texts

Snow in Wisconsin (2013-2014)

The 2013-2014 program Great World Texts program features Snow in Wisconsin, a novel by Nobel Prize-winning Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk!

Nobel Prize winning novelist Orhan Pamuk’s Snow was published in Turkish in 2002 and translated to English by Maureen Freely in 2004. A novel rich in character, themes, and historical and political complexity, Snow opens doors to interdisciplinary inquiry like few contemporary novels and provides a forum for critical investigation that challenges and inspires.

Great World Texts in Wisconsin educators teach Snow in interdisciplinary teams at high school classrooms around the state with year-long support from UW-Madison faculty and staff! 

Participating Great World Texts educators receive…

  • A FREE set of texts for your school’s permanent collection
  • World-class curriculum materials prepared by UW-Madison faculty and graduate students, including a Guide for Educators with customizable lesson plans that meet Common Core Standards
  • Workshops at UW-Madison with experts and scholars from many disciplines on teaching Snow and its many contexts (cultural, historical, geographical, political, etc).   The two-day Fall Workshop to prepare to teach the text will be held on Sept. 9-10, 2013 in room 126 Memorial Library. The Center for the Humanities will provide hotel accomodations and teacher stipends will cover sub costs.
  • Hands-on workshops in close reading and engaging students in bringing the text to life in your classrooms
  • A Teaching Great World Texts Symposium with keynote speaker Doris Sommer on April 28, 2014
  • Year-long support from Center for the Humanities staff and our faculty partners to answer your questions and facilitate your teaching
  • A full-day Student Conference in Madison on Mon. Dec. 2, 2013, where students will present their work, discuss their papers, and have the opportunity to interact with experts on the text, and the author, Orhan Pamuk, who has been invited to deliver the keynote address!

Click here to see the application for the the 2013-14 program. Deadline for applications was June 1, 2013. 
 Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk. Copyright © Columbia University 2006 Photo: Eileen Barroso

Applications for the 2014-1015 program, Rousseau's Confessions in Wisconsin, will be available in spring 2014. Contact today if you're interested in joining the Great World Texts in Wisconsin team!

Photo: Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk by Eileen Barroso
Copyright © Columbia University 2006

“Human beliefs are not just rich with multiplicity; in Pamuk’s world they are also in constant flux. …Moreover, ideological labels that initially seem so clear turn fuzzy under scrutiny. The more that Pamuk’s characters obsess over the binary opposition of East and West, for example, the more they undermine the very notion. […] Pamuk the novelist illuminates his country’s quandaries of identity, and the crisis of confidence between Islam and the West, with an imaginative depth we had not known before.”
– Christian Caryl, The New York Review of Books


Snow in Wisconsin is an initiative of the UW-Madison's Center for the Humanities, supported by the A.W. Mellon Foundation; UW-Madison Libraries; The Evjue Foundation; the Center for German and European Studies; the Anonymous Fund of the College of Letters & Science; Distinguished Lecture Series; the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA); and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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UW faculty & grad students from any discipline working on Pamuk or the many contexts of Turkish lit are also invited to join our network of campus partners. If you'd like to present at a teacher workshop or have suggestions for curricular materials or readings, please contact Heather at