Public Works Incubator
2016 Award

2016 Award

The Public Works Incubator program awards up to $7,500 to tenured or tenure-track faculty in the humanities and related social sciences at UW-Madison, to support the production of scholarship that will reach audiences outside of academia. The award is made possible by the support of the A.W. Mellon Foundation.

2016 Public Works Incubator Award
Thomas Dale and Jacob Esselstrom (Art History)
Project: Mount Athos image archive, including digitization and cataloguing of approximately 2,000 images which will be available via the UW Digital Library, and a public exhibition of select images at Chazen Museum in spring 2017.

Mount Athos, a peninsula in Greece which is home to twenty Orthodox monasteries and is also a World Heritage Site, is viewed by many as the last vestige of Byzantium. It is a major pilgrimage destination but allows limited access and women are forbidden. The image archive, a collection of 20,000 slides, is the result of regular visits to Mount Athos by Emeritus Professor Frank Horlbeck, a specialist in Medieval and Early Christian art and architecture and a highly-accomplished photographer. The archives includes Mount Athos architecture, icons of the monasteries, rare images of festal rituals, aspects of daily life of the monks, and more. This project will make the image archive a useful and accessible resource for scholars, students, Orthodox Christians, and a world-wide public, by cataloguing and digitizing the images for incorporation into the UW Digital Library, and mounting an exhibition of select photographs and original icons from Mount Athos, to be on view in the Chazen Museum in spring of 2017.