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Public Works Incubator

Public Works Incubator

With support from the A.W. Mellon Foundation, the Center for the Humanities is pleased to request proposals for the PUBLIC WORKS INCUBATOR, a new program for tenured or tenure-track faculty in the humanities and related social sciences at UW-Madison. The PUBLIC WORKS INCUBATOR program supports the production of scholarship that will reach audiences outside of academia. It is designed to provide crucial support for faculty who wish to find new outlets, venues, or media for their scholarship. In 2015-16 we will offer one PUBLIC WORKS INCUBATOR AWARD for activity to be undertaken in the spring/summer terms of 2016.

Program Description
The Public Works Incubator program supports humanities scholarship intended to reach a general audience. The program offers an award of up to $7500 to support this scholarship. Funds may be used for a wide-range of activities, including: summer salary; research and travel expenses; publishing workshops; consultation services; etc. The program is meant to provide a pivotal moment of support - either in the early development of a project or as it nears completion - with funding that would not otherwise be available to the scholar. We mean not only to provide additional funds to support such projects, but also to provide scholars with the additional time, feedback, services, and venues for developing and completing their projects. Such resources might not otherwise be available to them within academia, and may significantly contribute to the project’s successful appeal to a general audience.

Eligibility and Criteria
This program is open to all tenure-track or tenured faculty in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Projects will be selected based upon the potential significance of the finished work and likelihood of success in engaging a general audience, as well as its creativity and rigor. Academic accomplishments will also be taken into consideration.

Application Process
Proposals must include the following components saved as a single PDF with the title: <yourlastname>publicworks15.pdf

1. A two-page, single-spaced narrative explaining the significance of the project for general audiences, and your plans for engaging such audiences. Provide an overview of the project, explaining its scope and the basic ideas, problems, questions, texts, people, and/or events that it will explore. Discuss the project’s scholarly basis, and how you will convey this scholarship to general audiences. Identify the audience(s) you aim to reach and discuss why your treatment of the subject is appropriate to both the subject matter and the goal of reaching this audience. Describe the plans that you have for disseminating your work to this audience.
2. A one-page, single-spaced narrative outlining your work plan and budget. Describe the current state of your research and specify the part or stage of the project that will be supported by this award. Provide a work plan describing what will be accomplished during the award period. Funds should be used between January and August 2016. Provide a justification for the award amount you are requesting (up to $7500), and explain how exactly these funds will be allocated.
3. A current curriculum vitae.

Applications have now closed. Questions can be directed to Emily Clark (