4th Annual Conference on the Public Humanities

March 25, 2011


Julie Ellison (University of Michigan), “Reorganizing the Humanities”

Michael Bérubé (Penn State), “There is No Such Thing as ‘The Public’”


Panel: “International Public Humanities”

Greg Mittman (History of Science, Faculty Respondent)

Erika Robb Larkins (Anthropology, Public Humanities Fellow)

Sarah Besky (Anthropology)


“Integrating Disciplinary Interests with Public Engagement

An open discussion with Julie Ellison


HEX Project Showcases

Literacy Network

David Paul Hudson (English)

David’s service learning class at the University of Wisconsin collaborates with ESL populations at the Literacy Network to create an anthology of literacy narratives to be distributed locally.

Oakhill Correctional Institution

Colleen Lucey (Slavic Languages and Literature); Janelle Pulzcinski (Comparative Literature); and Laurel Bastian (Writing Fellow)

Colleen continues a HEX project developed by Naomi Olson in 2009 for inmates at Oakhill Correctional Institute to develop critical communication skills through reading and writing.  Students analyze plays by Russian and Eastern European authors, drawing on the literary devices in these texts and using them as a reference point for their own writing.

Janelle and Laurel engage inmates in conversations around historically and artistically critical texts. While the texts for both classes will be accessible for a wide range of students, themes will encourage conversation around subjects such as race, class, loss and family.