3rd Annual Conference on the Public Humanities

Keynote Addresses

“The Power of the Humanities to Change Lives: The UW Odyssey Project”

Emily Auerbach, Professor of English and Director, Odyssey Program, UW-Madison


“Cultural Agents All”

Doris Sommer, Ira Jewell Williams Jr. Professor of Romance Languages & Literatures, Harvard University; Director, Cultural Agents



What does a Public Scholarship Project Leave Behind?

Rebecca Lorimer (English)

Andrew Stuhl (History of Science)

Naomi Olson (Slavic Languages and Literature)

What are the outcomes of public scholarship?  What should they be?  This presentation explores these questions by addressing several kinds of project outcomes: 1) internal products, or the "stuff" (paperwork, insights, data) yielded by projects; 2) external products, or those oriented toward a project partner or larger community, such as organized events or promotional materials; and 3) internalized products, in which the experience or process of the project is the main outcome.  Three examples of public scholarship in Madison, Wisconsin form the basis of this discussion


Queer People/Queer Approaches: Engaging with OutReach, Madison's LGBT Community Center

Kristina Kosnick (French and Italian)

Liz Vine (English)

Stephanie Youngblood (English)

Linda Lenzke (LGBT Community Activist and HEX project participant)

This panel will address both the advantages and the challenges of negotiating identities, communities, activism and academics in an LGBTQ context.


Other People’s Politics: Negotiating the Personal, the Community, and the Academic

Mytoan Nguyen (Sociology)

Djurdja Trajkovic (Spanish & Portuguese)

Mary Claypool (French and Italian)

In this panel, the presenters consider the politics involved with creating a HEX project that is related to a personal research interest, meets a need in the community, and is respected by the university.


HEX @ Public Schools

 Emma Schroeder (Geography)

Patricia Rengel (Spanish and Portuguese)

Michael Kwas (History)

Anya Holland-Barry (Musicology)

Four public scholars describe and analyze their project goals, day to day experiences and theoretical themes within a public school environment.


Poetry, Memory, and Public Humanities: The Role of Conversation

Christopher Syrnyk (English)

John Bradley (English)

Mark Lounibos (English)

Three Hex scholars report on their work with seniors teaching poetry and life narratives and reflect on the conversations that emerged in these project's public contexts.