Undergraduate Exchange Program

How to Apply

Interested in applying? Great! We are excited to learn more about you and to hear your ideas.

Step 1: Gather information and develop your ideas

The best way to start your application process is to discuss it with the Program Coordinator. Meetings can be set over email, or you can drop in to our open HEX Lab hours.

You are also encouraged to seek out inspiration and guidance from others. Helpful sources typically include:

You may want to start by considering...

  • What are you learning as an undergraduate student? Through humanities-oriented classes, research, and other scholarly activities?
  • How might your learning be of benefit to the community? What links can be made?
  • What are the current issues of the local community?
  • What are the unmet needs of local organizations?
  • How could elements of the local community be advanced?

Step 2: Learn about application requirements and develop your application

See here for a PDF of the online application components for your reference. All applications must be submitted via Qualtrics.

Note: You will be able to share your ideas with us through various forms of media and/or text in the application, some of which will take time to develop. Don't delay! Start now, and consider utilizing campus resources such as The Writing Center and the Design Lab for assistance.

Step 3: Submit your application by October 16, 2017.