Student Project & Conference Gallery

Arabian Nights Gallery

Journals by Xavier Students Natalie Coenan, Carolina Orri, Hailey Molina, and Marcus Turek.

In fall 2010, 10th-12th grade students at Xavier High School in Appleton, Wisconsin made leather covered journals with shadowbox covers in Lynn Zetzman's Drawing class. The cover illustrations were created after viewing miniature paintings from along the silk road--a number of which were from an Arabic culture but also some from Hindu or Chinese perspectives. They discussed similarities or visual influences upon the imagery based on the sharing that occurred through travel and mixing of cultures. The students read poetry selections from Arabian Nights and Lynn told the organizing story and the history of the literature before they began to create their mix media drawings. The students were inspired by a story/poetry to sew, bind, cover, and illustrate a journal in which to write their own stories/poetry.

Journals by Paige Van Hoof and Theresa Pankretz. Graphic by Janesville Academy for International Studies student My Pham.

Students in William Harvill's English class at Genesis High School in Milwaukee created a video parody, "The First 48: Murder in the Middle East - A Parody Based on The Arabian Nights":


A photo page put together by students at the Janesville Academy for International Study: