Great World Texts

Common Core State Standards

The materials provided by the Center for the Humanities are specifically designed to allow flexibility in designing and individualizing course, lesson and unit plans that align with Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Disciplinary Literacy, the standards adopted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The Great World Texts model is an illustrative example of how educators can cultivate creative and critical thinking with their students within the richness of the humanities while meeting the letter and spirit of Common Core State Standards. 

In the summer of 2013, Great World Texts program staff teamed up with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to invite an excellent team of veteran Great World Texts educators to Madison for a two-day workgroup to help prepare exemplar Unit and Lesson Plan modules using Great World Texts materials.  The ***drafts*** of these exemplar models are available here:

The modules demonstrate the flexibility of the Great World Texts curriculum in allowing teachers to design and personalize their teaching to bring world literature alive in the classroom while meeting the goals of Common Core State Standards.   Using our Guide for Educators and the supplementary materials provided through the Great World Texts program as a starting point, teachers in any discipline can adapt course, unit, and lesson plans that meet CCSS demands while giving them the freedom to individualize instruction to meet their own pedagogical aims.  This flexibility allows teachers to introduce world literature to their courses, whether they have a week or a year to devote to the text.

In other words, participation in Great World Texts "lets teachers teach" world literature while meeting the rigorous demands of Common Core State Standards and ensuring student success on CCSS assessments. 

Teachers and administrators should also know that one of the Center's guiding criteria in selecting Great World Texts titles is through a process of identifying texts which are not commonly taught, but appear frequently on Advanced Placement exams. Every effort is made to ensure that the texts we select provide an ideal framework for close reading, interdisciplinary pedagogy, and rigorous discussion and analysis.

Students participating in Great World Texts can also earn credit toward the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate.  Learn more here:

Below: Great World Texts educators and staff collaborate to prepare exemplar lesson and unit plans for Common Core State Standards in English and Language Arts.