2017-18 Public Fellows

Andy Davey
Madison Community Foundation

Andy Davey is a PhD candidate in Geography, specializing in cultural and moral geography as well as environmental history. His dissertation is titled Teaching Paradoxes: Environmental and Moral Education at American Liberal Arts Colleges 1960-Present. In it, he tells the untold origin story of how environmental studies programs were created, and the complex ethical, religious, political, and scientific contexts for that creation. This year, Andy will work with the Madison Community Foundation to tell the story of the many nonprofits residing in Dane County and identify the opportunities for community-wide vision.


Martina Kunović

Martina Kunović is a PhD candidate in Sociology and Community & Environmental Sociology. Her dissertation is titled Opportunity and Inequality in a Changing Economy: Navigating Urban Reform in Contemporary Cuba. It was motivated by Martina’s desire to understand how reforms intended to lift a country’s economy have uneven social impacts across its population, creating some “winners” while simultaneously leaving others behind. This year, Martina will work with the winners at DreamBikes to enhance and evaluate the success of their youth development programs, as well as engage with their alumni. Read more at www.martinakunovic.com.


Mark Mederson
Wisconsin Athletics Communications, UW-Madison Athletics

Mark Mederson is a PhD candidate in Journalism and Mass Communication. His dissertation is titled Jack Johnson, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali: Press coverage and the role of three African-American heavyweight-boxing champions in the discussion of race in the 20th century. In it, he examines how the title and podium of a champion allowed these three men to speak outside the ring and affect race in American society. Mark has more than 25 years of experience working in mass media as a sports reporter, anchor, producer, editor, and reporter, as well as an academic career in journalism and mass communication. This year, he will work with Wisconsin Athletics Communications to report on the first 100 years of Camp Randall Stadium.


Cassidy Reis
Briarpatch Youth Services

Cassidy Reis is a PhD candidate in Spanish and Portuguese, specializing in Golden Age Spanish Literature. Her dissertation is titled The Visual Rhetoric of Early Modern Spain and the Picaresque Novel. In it, she examines how the visual language of this genre communicates the values, desires and satirical view of the literary construction of the marginalized and oppressed demographic of early modern Spain. This year, Cassidy will work with Briarpatch Youth Services to examine and evaluate how a human service agency for youth can best communicate its mission and values through its environment, use of space, and artwork.


Marta-Laura Suska
The Bubbler, Madison Public Library

Marta-Laura Suska is a PhD candidate in Cultural Anthropology. Her dissertation is titled Global Uniformities versus Local Complexities: An Ethnography of two policing programs in Brazil. In it, she examines the social formation of police relations by offering a new perspective through the lens of gender. In the past ten years, she has worked with police officers, at-risk populations, victims of violence, and disadvantaged communities in Brazil. This year, Marta-Laura will work with The Bubbler at Madison Public Library on the expansion of their social justice program for at-risk and court-involved teens.