Graduate Certificate
Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Laurie Beth Clark | email


Art History
Preeti Chopra | email

Asian American Studies
Lynet Uttal | email

Alex Dressler | email

Communication Arts
Robert Asen | email
Rob Howard (also Comparative Literature) | email
Jenell Johnson | email
Susan Zaeske | email

Comparative Literature
Vinay Dharwadker | email
Mary Layoun | email

Curriculum and Instruction
Simone Schweber | email
Bernadette Baker | email

Michael Bernard-Donals | email
Joshua Calhoun | email
Russ Castronovo | email
Tejumola Olaniyan | email

Folklore Studies
Janet Gilmore | email
Jim Leary | email

French and Italian
Ernesto Livorni | email

Gender and Women's Studies
Christine Garlough | email
Ellen Samuels (also English) | email

Kris Olds | email
Keith Woodward | email

Sabine Gross | email
Venkat Mani | email

Giuliana Chamedes | email
Nan Enstad | email
Stephen Kantrowitz | email
Jennifer Ratner Rosenhagen | email

History of Science
Dayle Delancey (also Med. Hist. and Bioethics) | email
Florence Hsia | email
Gregg Mitman | email

Journalism and Mass Communication
Greg Downey (also SLIS) | email
Jo Ellen Fair | email

Harry Brighouse | email
Daniel Hausman | email
Steve Nadler | email

Political Science
John Zumbrunnen | email

School of Human Ecology
Connie Flanagan | email
Marc Nelson | email

School of Library and Information Studies
Jonathan Senchyne | email
Ethelene Whitmire | email

School of Music
Susan Cook | email

Slavic Languages and Literature
Tomislav Longinovic | email

Spanish and Portugese
Ellen Sapega | email
Ksenija Bilbija | email

Theatre and Drama
Michael Peterson | email