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Terry Thompson, Exotic Animals and Store-bought Chicken Parts

Terry Thompson, Exotic Animals and Store-bought Chicken Parts

by Emily Clark • The final paragraph of an Oct. 21, 2011 New York Times article about the Zanesville animal tragedy, in which Terry Thompson released 56 animals on the […]


Fighting Attacks on Public Higher Education

On October 13, President Cary Nelson of the American Association of University Professors was the featured speaker in a panel discussion on “The National Attack on Public Higher Education: Effective […]


Defining Audience: Teaching Enrique’s Journey

by Nancy Reddy • Many students come into freshman composition with a decidedly vague understanding of concepts like “audience.” Asked who the audience is for a given piece of writing, […]


On “Life”

by Elizabeth Johnson • “What is the meaning of life?” As the Monty Python players suggested nearly three decades ago, the commonly posed question may be more suited to provoking […]

Humanities Exposed and the Public Humanities

Humanities Exposed and the Public Humanities

by Lenora Hanson • The Humanities Exposed Program (HEX) is a public humanities program that is now entering its seventh year funding graduate student and community inspired partnerships.  While the […]

Mary Zimmerman

Dramatizing the ‘Impossible’: Mary Zimmerman’s UW Visit

by Molly Richards • We were fortunate  to have Mary Zimmerman visit the Theatre and Drama Department today and address a group of graduate and undergraduate directors, designers, actors, and […]


Arab Spring and the Humanities

by Duaa Salameh • When I wrote on the board, Feb. 11. 2011, and saw the distinct numerology, I told my English 100 students that “Today will be an auspicious day.” […]