Ferguson in Context

Ferguson in Context: Trauma, Violence, and Citizenship A Roundtable with UW Faculty Wednesday, December 17, 2014 @ 5:30pm H. F. DeLuca Forum, Discovery Building 330 N. Orchard Street Free and […]


What James Franco Taught Me About the Public Humanities

by Stephanie Youngblood • In his February 15th New York Times op-ed piece, Nicholas Kristof claims that university professors have made themselves irrelevant in “today’s great debates” because “Ph.D. programs […]


Exploring “Dimensions of Material Culture”

by Ellery Foutch • What is “material culture”? For students in Art History / Design Studies/ History 464, the answer unfolded over the course of a semester by exploring University […]


Overcoming the Overcome

by Manuel Herrero-Puertas • It was a story to pass on. On February 15, 2006, an autistic teenager named Jason McElwain finally got to play with his high school’s varsity basketball […]


Global Encounters of the Self-reflective Kind: China in Madison/Madison in China

by Leslie Bow • I recently found myself as the outlier on a panel of China experts weighing the role of the University of Wisconsin’s China Initiative, which promises global […]

Alton Postcard, “Greetings from Alton”
(Credit: Collection of Steve Shook)

Paranormal, USA

by Jesse J. Gant • It was a dark and stormy night… When, during the long and hot summer of 1935, two youngsters in Alton, Illinois, found what appeared to […]


Freedom’s Dystopia

by Brian Hamilton • Abraham Lincoln is praised for nothing if not his pragmatism. It is, many claim, what helped him become the Great Emancipator. To historian James McPherson, Lincoln […]


Lockup America

by Simon Balto • Roughly 35,000 Wisconsin citizens will go to sleep tonight behind bars. That’s somewhere between the populations of Manitowoc and Brookfield, or, if you’ve been to a […]


Dreaming of Black Presidents

by Stephen Kantrowitz • The dream of a postracial nation which lushly flowered with Barack Obama’s election now seems faint and faded: the 2012 presidential campaign witnessed the continuing fantasy […]

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Conversations on Psychoanalysis

by Anna Vitale •  It’s obvious that psychoanalysis is not for everyone—both in terms of being an analysand or patient, and in its use for shaping research questions. But why […]