A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Program


Each of our Postdoctoral Fellows has opportunity to invite a prominent scholar in his or her field to read and respond to the fellow's work. Public presentations and workshops with these visiting scholars are included in our Guest Seminars Calendar.

Visiting Scholars

Spring 2016

Spring 2015

  • Alex Dent, Anthropology, George Washington University, “Piracy and the Materialities of Digital Circulation in Brazil"
  • Rosemary Joyce, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, “Flows of Clay: Archaeology and the New Materialisms”
  • Laurie Patton, Religion and Cultural Anthropology, Duke University, “Who Owns Religion? Late 20th-Century Scholars and Their Publics”
  • Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Religious Studies and Maurer School of Law, Indiana University, Bloomington, “Spiritual Governance: The Chaplain as Priest of the Secular”

Spring 2014

  • Martha Biondi, African American Studies and History, Northwestern University, "The Black Revolution on Campus"
  • Christiane Gruber, History of Art, University of Michigan, "Images of the Prophet Muhammad In and Out of Modernity: The Curious Case of a 2008 Mural in Tehran"

Spring 2013

  • André Brock, School of Library and Information Science and the Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry, University of Iowa, "The new ‘stop snitchin’: Sexism, technoculture, and Twitter: Twitter as a medium and catalyst for evocations of technoculturally oriented sexism and racism"
  • Patricia Loughran, English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "Provincializing Print Capitalism: The History of the Book and the Problem of Empire"
  • Lisa Gitelman, English and Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, ""Amateurs and their Discontents, 1870-2000"

Spring 2012

  • Rachael Z. DeLue, Art and Archeology, Princeton University, "Arthur Dove's Meteorology"
  • Peter Godfrey-Smith, Philosophy, City University of New York, "In the Beginning there was Information?"
  • Jake Kosek, Geography, University of California, Berkeley

Spring 2011

  • Jacques Rancière, Emeritus Professor of Aesthetics and Politics, University of Paris VIII
  • Kathryn Sparling, Asian Languages and Literatures, Carlton College
  • Ara Wilson, Women's Studies and Cultural Anthropology, Duke University, "NGOs as Erotic Sites"