A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows

Trevor Pearce

Department of Philosophy

Pragmatism's Evolution

Trevor Pearce’s specialty is the philosophy of evolutionary biology, focusing on how research in experimental biology, ecology, and paleobiology, suitably understood, can help answer broader questions about the relative importance of different causal factors in evolutionary history. Is natural selection the only causal factor in evolution? If others are proposed, how do we determine whether they are actually important? His Mellon project, "Pragmatism's Evolution," combines the history of philosophy and the history of biology, exploring how developments in the life sciences at the end of the nineteenth century shaped the ideas of American pragmatist philosophers like John Dewey.

Trevor Pearce studied materials engineering and English at the University of British Columbia. Discovering the philosophy of science in his later undergraduate years, he went on to doctoral work in the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science at the University of Chicago. Along the way, he acquired a MSc in evolutionary biology. He comes to UW-Madison after a year at the University of Western Ontario as a Rotman Institute and SSHRC postdoctoral fellow.



Spring 2013: Philosophical Problems of the Biological Sciences

Fall 2012: Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Spring 2012: Philosophical Problems of the Biological Sciences

Fall 2011: American Pragmatism