A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Program

Congratulations to the 2016-2018 A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows, who were selected for cutting-edge scholarship on the conceptions, representations, experiences, and transformations of the earth and its regions.

2017-2019 Fellows: Translation, Transplantation, Adaptation

Andrew Amstutz

Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
Finding a Home for Urdu: Islam and Science in Modern South Asia


Elizabeth Lhost
Legal Studies Program
Islam Inscribed: Faith and Bureaucracy in Modern South Asia (1800–1950)


Y. P. Zhang
Department of English
From Internationalism to Globalism: Chinese Literature in the World System, 1978-2014

2016-2018 Fellows: Climates and Natures

Maura Capps 
Department of History
All Flesh Is Grass: An Eco-Agrarian History of Britain's Settler Empire

Jessica Lehman 
Department of Geography
Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies
Planetary Sea: Oceanography and the Making of the World Ocean

Ella Tobin Mershon 
Department of English
Passing Forms: Decay and the Making of Victorian Culture


Lisa Ruth Rand 
Department of History
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Orbital Decay: The History of Space Junk and the Expanding Boundaries of the Natural World 

2015-2017 Fellows: Violences

Anthony W. Fontes 
Department of Geography
Mortal Doubt: Maras and Murder in Guatemala City


Anja Jovic-Humphrey 
Department of English
Black and Balkan: A Comparison of African-American, Caribbean, African and Balkan History, Theory and Art


Patrick William Kelly

Department of History
Latin America and the Making of Global Human Rights Politics 


Golnar Nikpour

Department of History
The Incarcerated Modern: Prisons and Public Life in Iran


2014-2016 Fellows: Religion and Secularism

Elaine Fisher 
Religious Studies Program


Jolyon Thomas 
Religious Studies Program


Darryl Wilkinson 
Department of Anthropology


2013-2015 Fellows: Democracy

Brian Goldstein

Department of History


Darien Lamen

Department of Spanish & Portuguese


Daegan Miller

Department of History


Amanda Rogers

Department of Art History

2012-2014 Fellows: Media

Sarah Florini

Department of Communication Arts

Mary Murrell

Department of Anthropology

Jerome Tharaud

Department of English


2011-13 Fellows: Life

Ellery Foutch

Department of Art History

Elizabeth Johnson

Department of Geography

Trevor Pearce

Department of Philosophy


2010-12 Fellows: World Citizenship

Lee Friederich

Department of East Asian Language and Literature


Mathangi Krishnamurthy

Department of Anthropology

John Nimis

Department of French and Italian