Annual Themes

2018-2020: Truth, Fact, and Ways of Knowing

The theme for 2018-2020 is Truth, Fact, and Ways of Knowing. We seek applications from scholars whose research addresses conceptions of truth (or lie), fact (or fiction) as well as questions of epistemology, representation, and evidence.  Scholars may take up these themes directly as the topic of their research in fields that could include philosophy, literature, the arts, cultural studies, politics, or media studies, among others, or through methodological approaches that reflect novel ways of thinking about evidence, proof and argument. We also are interested in scholars who are concerned with the ways in which truth is manipulated, whether by groups, individuals, or discourses. Projects may focus on any area of the world, including cross-regional analyses, at any historical or prehistorical moment.

We welcome applications from scholars who work in philosophy, literary studies, cultural studies, rhetoric, religious studies, art history and visual cultures, sound studies and musicology, history of science and technology, critical and political theory, legal studies, critical race studies, gender studies, linguistics, film and media studies, and other core and emerging fields in the humanities.