Annual Themes

2017-2018: Translation, Adaptation, Transplantation

The theme for 2017-2019 is Translation, Adaptation, Transplantation. We seek applications from scholars whose research addresses theories and practices of translation in intercultural and transcultural contact zones and transnational circulations. Projects may focus on any medium, historical period, or area of the world, including analyses that work across different media or regions of the world. They can treat human or nonhuman communications. Projects might consider the extent to which translation—linguistic, aesthetic, and cultural—is possible, as well as the conditions of its possibility, whether understood as a movement across languages or between language and other modes of representation. At what point or through what means does translation become visible? What is the relation between translation and interpretation?

Potential topics related to Translation, Adaptation, and Transplantation include, but are not limited to the movement of works across aesthetic genres and modes; coding and code-switching; the robotic and the manual; signification; vernacularization and nativization; circulation and interruption; transculturation and appropriation; remixing and recycling. Projects might take up or work beyond recent scholarship devoted to contact zones, borderlands, cosmopolitanism, and interpellation. We welcome applications from scholars undertaking research in aesthetics; philosophy; film and media studies; digital and visual cultures; literature and language studies, including comparative and world literature; translation studies; critical race studies; gender studies; disability studies; cultural and area studies; anthropology; critical and political theory; and other core and emerging fields in the humanities. Interdisciplinary scope across these fields or between the humanities, arts, sciences, and social sciences, and projects that apply innovative methods, are especially encouraged.