Annual Themes

2016-2017: Climates and Natures

The theme for 2016-2018 is Climates and Natures. We seek applications from scholars whose research addresses the conceptions, representations, experiences, and transformations of the earth and its regions – that is, work that reflects the environmental humanities, broadly conceived. How does a changing earth – past, present, or future – affect and become affected by society, culture, politics, and arts? Projects may focus on any area of the world, including cross-regional analyses, at any historical or pre-historical moment. They can treat human or nonhuman experiences and conditions, affirmative or destructive, anthropocentric or non-anthropocentric. Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to health, agriculture, vitality, heat, isolation, drought, flood, scarcity, waste, justice, migration, extinction, pollution, and extremity. Projects that connect literal and metaphoric meanings of climates and natures are also eligible.

We welcome applications from scholars who work in aesthetics, philosophy, cultural studies, history of science, medicine, environment, or technology, critical and political theory, critical race studies, linguistics, film and media studies, gender studies, and other core and emerging fields in the humanities. Interdisciplinary scope across these fields or between the humanities, arts, sciences, and social sciences, and projects that apply innovative methods, are especially encouraged.