Annual Themes

2014-15: Religion and Secularism

The theme for 2014-2016 is Religion and Secularism. What are the past and ongoing impacts of religion and secularism on history, literature, the arts, philosophy, or language? What are the meanings of “religion,” “secularism,” and postsecularism” and how are they theorized, represented, or institutionalized in different societies and times? How are they related to such social and cultural formations as modernity, war, empire, nation, science, spirituality, the work of art, power, indigeneity, politics, government, migration, race, sustainability, or territoriality, both past and present? What role do they play in constructions of gender, sexuality, or disability? How do religion, secularism, and postsecularism inform aesthetics across time, media, and genre?

With this theme we invite applications for cutting-edge work from researchers across the humanities and humanistic social sciences whose work reflects upon or has significant implications for the meanings and effects of religion, secularism, or postsecularism in past, current, or future societies. Projects should make a clear contribution to the humanities and focus on either religion or secularism or on their interconnections.