WHOSE LAND?  Links and Resources

Thank you for attending the 5/3/12 Humanities NOW panel, "Whose Land? The Fight for Tribal Rights and Sovereignty in Wisconsin." Panelists Patty Loew, Richard Monette, Larry Nesper, and Rand Valentine (as well as moderator Gene Purcell) have provided the following links and citations for those who wish to delve further into the topics discussed:

Benton Banai, Edward. The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway (University of Minnesota Press)

Loew, Patty and Thannum, James.  "After the Storm: Ojibwe Treaty Rights Twenty-Five Years after the Voigt Decision." The American Indian Quarterly 35.2 (2011)

Prucha, Francis Paul. American Indian Treaties: History of a Political Anomaly (University of California Press)

Prygoski, Philip. http://www.cooley.edu/faculty/prygoski.html#articles

www.glifwc.org (Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission)