Nov 03
Fredric March Play Circle, Memorial Union
800 Langdon St.
7:00 PM Terra Incognita Art Series


Musical Ensemble
Bird Songs

Bird Songs is a new piece commissioned by the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium and presented as part of their inDIGenous Jazz concert series. Nestle will be sharing the evening with Lovely Socialite, who will also perform new commissioned music. Bird Songs draws on recordings from Cornell University Ornithology Labs archive to create new compositions and improvisational structures inspired by and in conversation with these field recordings.


The Nestle trio exists in performance. The Nestle trio is listening. The Nestle trio is a realization of visions. The Nestle trio is an expression of being through doing.

The Nestle trio of Robert Lundberg, Ryan Packard, and Cyrus Pireh respectively assemble an instrumentation of double bass and electronics; percussion, accordion, and electronics; and 9-string electric future lute to execute this performance.

To live and thrive in the current situation invokes a certain music: A music that is the result of doing. A music that is the result of people. A music that exists as proof of existence.

This event is free and open to the public, seating is first come first serve. For more information check out Greater Madison Jazz Consortium at

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