Apr 27
University Club Room 313
432 East Campus Mall

Chat & Chew with Brian Holmes

Essayist, Researcher, and Artist-Cartographer

Join us for a conversation with Brian Holmes to learn about his work, think about mapping, and share knowledge about the Kickapoo Valley.  

Brian will also present April 23rd 1:45-3:00 pm on a panel Let’s Talk About the Environment: Storytelling, Aesthetics, and the Politics of Transformation at the Nelson Institute Earth Day @ Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.  

Brian Holmes is an essayist, researcher, and artist-cartographer. Over the last twenty years, his essays on art and political economy have been distributed, translated and read around the world. Brian is a member of the groups Deep Time Chicago (www.deeptimechicago.org) and Compass (www.midwestcompass.org) and a collaborator of Hau der Kulturen dr Wel, Berlin, for their Anthropocene Curriculum program (www.anthropocene-curriculum.org). For his current work see www.ecotopia.today.

Terra Incognita's co-sponsors for this event: The Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies; UW-Madison Arts Institute; The Network @ Wisconsin Center for Education Research; The Center for Culture, History, and Environment; the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. 

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