Global Reformations: Religion and the Making of the Modern World


May 6 & 7, 2016         
University Club Banquet Room


8:45 am          coffee, refreshments

9:15 am         Opening Remarks: Susan Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

9:30  – 10:50         Transformations in the Early Modern World: Religion, Economy, Society

André Wink
University of Wisconsin-Madison        

The Religious Reformation of Mughal India

Ali Akhtar
Bates College

The Tsardom of Russia and the Reformation of Imperial Religion: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Peter the Great in the Seventeenth Century

Coffee Break

11:20 – 12:40         The History of religions and the idea of history

Alexander Bevilacqua        
Harvard University

A New View of Islam

John Stratton Hawley
Columbia University

The Four Churches of the Reformation


2:00  – 3:20         Globalizing Religion: Missionaries aND Religious exchange

Wendy Belcher
Princeton University

Modernities Inspired by Early Modern Encounters with the Christian Other: Ethiopian Orthodoxy and Missionary Jesuits in the Seventeenth Century

J. Michelle Molina    
Northwestern University

Dialogues Among the Dead: Entangled Histories of Conquest and Reformation

Coffee Break

3:50  – 5:10        Early modern knowledge systems: rELIGION, Science, and Medicine 

Janet Gyatso
Harvard University

Buddhism, Science, and Modernity: Medicine in Tibet

Pablo Gómez
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Transcendent Empiricisms: Health, Religion and the Birth of Modernity in the Early Modern Caribbean


Saturday, May 7

8:30                 coffee, refreshments

9:00  – 10:20        What is "mODERN" Religion? Religion and intellectual history

Shmuel Feiner
Bar Ilan University

The Haskalah and the Jewish Project of Secularization in Eighteenth-century Europe

Jiang Wu
University of Arizona

The Fracturing of a Textual Double: Religious Transformations and the Authenticity Crisis in Early Modern East Asia

Coffee Break

10:50 – 12:10        Religion and the public sphere in global perspective

Babak Rahimi          
University of California San Diego

Beyond the Bourgeois Public Sphere: the Isfahani Public and the Rise of the Early Modern Global Public Spheres

Elaine Fisher            
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Religious Publics of Early Modern South India


1:20 – 2:40        RELIGION, Society, and the Individual  

Darryl Wilkinson  
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ungraven Images: the Natural Idol in the Early Colonial Andes

Ali Yaycioglu
Stanford University

Engineers, Janissaries, and Preachers: How Did the Military Reform Change the Ottoman Order?

Coffee Break


William Noseworthy
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Last Devaraja: Ppo Romé and Making ‘Modern’ Cham Religion in Vietnam

Daniel Sheffield
University of Washington