Center Staff


Emma Sayner, Student Intern

Emma Sayner is an undergraduate student from Northfield, Minnesota. She is pursuing a double major in History and Political Science; she is particularly interested in the intersection of politics, conflict, and culture in world history. In addition to her position at the Center for Humanities, Emma is a Writing Fellow with UW-Madison’s Writing Center. Outside of her academic interests, Emma loves to travel, run, and explore the outdoors.

Yusi Liu, Student Intern

Yusi Liu is an undergraduate student from Beijing, China and she is double majoring in Classical Humanities and Art History. She is particularly interested in ancient art and archaeology and museum curation. Yusi is active on campus; she is part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate Art Committee, the Dish Magazine, the Art History Society, and the Classics Society, and she is also a Print Room volunteer assistant in the Chazen Museum of Art. In her spare time, Yusi loves travelling, tea tasting, and photography.

Sam Gee, Student Intern, Emeritus

Sam Gee received his B.A. in History and Religious Studies. His academic focus is on Western intellectual history, with specific interests in mysticism and the relationship between religion and scientific theories of mind. His dual senior honor’s thesis on the history of the psychology of religion in the late 19th and early 20th centuries garnered the 2016-17 Honorable Mention Iwanter Prize for Undergraduate Research.

Max Kasun, Student Intern, Emeritus

Max Kasun received his BA from UW-Madison in Computer Science and English. A native of Milwaukee, he also grew up in Chicago and Southern California. His favorite area of study is on evolving theories of computation, and how derivative forms of technological advancement, especially games, affect and structure the minds and behavior of humans. He hopes to teach abroad or work on a nonprofit startup that brings more accessible and productive means of self-education to children in poverty.