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With $1.1 million grant, ‘public humanities’ program gains ground - See more at:

Margaret Atwood Advocates Funding for the Arts, Talks New Novel on Campus
The Daily Cardinal; 4/4/17

Shakespeare According to Atwood
Wisconsin State Journal; 4/2/17

NEH grant to create program linking business, humanities
UW-Madison News; 3/29/17

Warrior Book Club, led by UW-Madison Student, Strengthens Connections Between Veterans and Civilians
UW-Madison News; 3/28/17

A literary storm is brewing across Wisconsin
L&S News; 3/17/17

New York Times food writer Melissa Clark gives her recipe for success
The Capital Times; 3/14/17

Trumpism: What it is and how it got here, according to one professor
The Badger Herald; 3/3/17

Panelists counteract Islamophobia, define 'disease of fear'
The Daily Cardinal; 2/7/17

UW groups, students keep conversation going about Islamophobia
Channel 3000; 2/6/17

With $1.1 million grant, ‘public humanities’ program gains ground
UW-Madison News; 1/12/17

The inimitable agnès b.
The Isthmus; 4/21/16

Time Travelers: Great World Texts Helps Students Connect with Classic Literature
The Isthmus; 4/14/16

M. Butterfly Author David Henry Hwang Talks Culture Wars and the Changing Stage
The Capital Times; 4/14/16

UW-Madison program brings Great World Texts into Wisconsin high schools
UW-Madison News; 3/1/16

The Oakhill Prison Humanities Project
Wisconsin Public Radio; 3/1/16

Insider art: Oakhill inmates unleash their creativity
The Isthmus; 2/18/16

Students Gain Exposure to World Texts
Baraboo News Republic; 2/10/16

L&S, Center for the Humanities to launch new undergraduate humanities initiative
L&S News; 11/23/15

Best of Madison -- Engaging the Humanities: The Center for the Humanities
Madison Magazine; 10/22/15

Order from Chaos: "Coordinates" Merges Art and Mathematics
The Isthmus; 07/04/15

Sherman wins Center for Humanities' Iwanter Prize
L&S News; 06/16/15

Humanities by the Numbers: Global Consortium Meets at UW-Madison
L&S News; 06/15/15

Ta-Nehisi Coates Addresses Racism, Reparations for Crowd of hundreds at UW
The Capital Times; 04/08/15

Enchantings: On Modernity, Culture, and the State in Postcolonial Africa
WORT-FM, Third World View; 04/05/15

UW Center for the Humanities' Confessions in Wisconsin: What Democracy Looks Like
Capital City Hues; 04/02/15

Political Theorist Danielle Allen Brings New Ideas of Equality to Campus
The Daily Cardinal; 03/25/15

Students use past to sample their future
Chippewa Herald;  Capital Times; 03/28/14

'Confessions' good for the learning: Bonduel students participate in Great World Texts program
Shawano Leader; 03/25/15

University Program Introduces Southern Door Students To Great Texts
Door County Daily News; 03/23/15

Great World Texts Hosting 10th Annual Conference for Wisconsin Students
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; 03/24/15

Great World Texts program links students, scholars
Wisconsin State Journal; 03/20/15

Big Foot High School students heading to UW-Madison
Walworth County Today; 03/20/15

Necedah students to test academic mettle in Madison
Juneau County Star Times, 03/20/15

Ferguson Forum: Academics, Activists Discuss a New Movement and its Potential for Change
UW L&S News; 12/17/14

Ferguson In Context
Wisconsin Public Radio News; 12/17/14

Wisconsin Public Radio News; 12/02/14

The Rabble Aims to Make the Library Your Go-To Local Music Source
Xconomy; 07/23/14

Edmund White and Michael Carroll Talk About Their Relationship, Experience Writing Gay Fiction
The Badger Herald; 07/23/14

Public Humanities Fellows Add Depth to Local Organizations
UW L&S News; 06/06/14

Yahara Music Library is a New Way to Check Out Madison Albums
The Isthmus Daily Page; 05/27/14

This Library is Anything but Quiet
Wisconsin State Journal; 05/21/14

Alice Waters Decries 'Insidious' Fast Food Culture"
Capital Times; 03/28/14

WID Interactive 'Hackathon' to Feature Campus Debate Startup
Capital Times; 02/13/14

WPR And UW Madison Team With Sci-Fi Author Kim Stanley Robinson on Contest
UW-Madison News; 02/06/14

UW-Madison Humanities Fellowship to Advance Post-doctoral Opportunities
Capital Times; 01/27/14

Bangor Students Meet with Nobel Prize Winner
Coulee News; 12/12/13

Southern Door Students Meet Author As Part of Humanities Program
Door County Daily News; 12/08/13

Nobel Prize Winning Author Challenges Janesville Students
Janesville Gazette; 12/08/13 (PDF)

Student Spotlight: Great World Texts with Orhan Pamuk
Kait and the Badger; 12/06/13

Wisconsin Students Meet Turkish Novelist Orhan Pamuk
Wisconsin Public Radio News; 12/04/13

Nobel Prize Winner Orhan Pamuk Says Wisconsin Teens Understand Complex World Issues
The Isthmus Daily Page; 12/03/13

Helping Teachers Bring World Literature to High School Students
UW L&S News; 12/03/13

'Snow' Project Fires Up Wisconsin High School Students' Creativity and Enthusiasm
Capital Times; 12/03/13

Nobel Prize Winner Stresses Maintaining Individuality in Today’s Society
The Daily Cardinal; 12/03/13

Acclaimed Turkish Author Visits Campus, Shares Experiences Writing his Novel
The Badger Herald; 12/03/13

Madison Students to Present 'Snow' Projects to Nobel Prize-winning Author
Wisconsin State Journal; 12/02/13

Nobel Prize Winner Speaks on UW Campus
WKOW27 News; 12/02/13

Great World Texts Program Puts Spotlight on Common Core Standards
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; 12/01/13

Students to meet acclaimed author Orhan Pamuk
Eau Claire Leader Telegram; 11/30/13

Connecting Wisconsin Students With a World of Literature
Central Time; 11/27/13 (On WPR)

L&S Dean's Update November 2013

Kohler Students Taking Part in Great World Texts Conference
Sheboygan Press; 11/16/13

UW Panel Addresses Political Unrest in Egypt
The Badger Herald; 11/06/13

Helping Teachers Bring World Literature to High School Students
College of Letters and Science News; 11/05/13

Facing Egypt's Challenges
WORT-FM, Third World View; 11/03/13

Award Supports Junior Faculty on the Road to Publication
College of Letters and Science News; 10/30/13

Art, From the Museum to Us
2014 Humanities Without Boundaries guest, Robert Storr
Wisconsin Public Radio, Central Time; 10/22/13

The Life of Jane Franklin, Ben's Youngest Sister
2014 Humanities Without Boundaries guest, Jill Lepore
WPR, The Kathleen Dunn Show; 10/22/13

"Philosophical Portraits: Wisconsin Book Festival Preview"
2014 Humanities Without Boundaries guest, Steve Nadler
WORT-FM, The Eight O'Clock Buzz; 10/11/13

Humanities Fellows Step into the 'Real world'
UW-Madison News; 09/17/13

The Humanities Hackathon Leads the UW's Entry into Digital Humanities
The Isthmus; 07/25/13

Hackathon Links Humanities and Sciences
UW-Madison News; 07/06/13

Indian Author Arundhati Roy to Visit
UW-Madison News; 03/05/13

Panel Looks at China Office, Internationalization of UW
The Badger Herald; 02/07/13

Teaching Ph.D.'s How to Reach Out
The Chronicle of Higher Education; 05/06/12

Grad Students, Inmates Explore Russian Literature
The Capital Times; 03/11/12

Campus Responds to WikiLeaks
The Badger Herald; 02/10/11

Pulitzer-winning Food Critic Jonathan Gold on Cheese Curds Vs. Global Cuisine
The Capital Times; 04/20/11

UW Humanities Faculty, Library Share Insights, Ancient Manuscripts with High School Teacher
UW Madison News; 02/29/11

Panel:  Prominent Leaders Must Recognize, Accept LGBT Rights
The Badger Herald; 11/04/10

Pollan Debates Technology Use
The Badger Herald; 09/28/09

Martin Stresses Humanities First
The Badger Herald; 09/15/09

Some 7,000 Hear Pollan Decry Industrialized Food
Wisconsin State Journal; 04/29/09

‘Great Texts’ Exposes High Schoolers to Literature"
UW Madison News; 03/30/09