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To the Best of Our Knowledge

Wisconsin Public Radio's "To the Best of Our Knowledge" is a Peabody-award-winning, nationally-syndicated magazine-style show that "cracks open the world and the ideas that fuel its engine." The UW Center for the Humanities is a proud partner. Many of our visiting scholars and speakers, as well as distinguished UW humanities faculty, have been guests on the show. Fascinating conversations, led by expert hosts, open a wider window on scholarly research, but also into personalities and viewpoints.

Stephen Burt on "The Poem is You: New Voices in American Poetry" (4/2/2017)

Michael Warner on "Transgression: Where Queer and Evangelical Meet" (7/10/2016)

Eric Cline on "When Civilization Collapsed" (2/21/2016)

Anthony Grafton on "Reading History from the Margins" (7/26/2015)

Edmund White on "The Politics of Promiscuity" (2/13/2015)

Elizabeth Kolbert on "Are You Ready for the Next Mass Extinction?" (1/25/2015)

Alice Waters and Michelle Wildgen on "The Novelist and the Cook" (10/8/2014)

Orhan Pamuk on "Urban Cultures" (8/31/2014)

Adam Phillips on "Life, Art, and Therapy" (7/27/2014)

Kim Stanley Robinson on "Imagining Possible Worlds" (4/13/2014)

3 Minute Futures: Flash Science Fiction Contest Winner on "Social Scene Alert" (4/13/2014)

3 Minute Future Fiction: "Food Production" (4/13/2014)

3 Minute Future Fiction: "Dogs in the Snow" (4/13/2014)

Jill Lepore, "On Our Minds: History's Women" (3/9/2014)

Orhan Pamuk on "The Arabian Nights" (2/2/2014)

Michael Cobb on "The New Alone" (9/21/2012)

Jennifer Rater Rosenhagen on "American Nietzsche" (1/15/2012)

Elain Pagels on "Book of Revelation" (8/7/2011)

Rebecca Skloot on "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" (5/1/2011)

Joshua Clover on "Singing the Revolution" (1/16/2011)

Jonah Lehrer on  "How We Decide" (12/5/2010)

Michael Pollan on "Healthy Eating" (8/1/2010)

Tariq Ali on "Al-Andalus" (3/23/2008)

Harold McGee on "On Food and Cooking" (5/13/2007)

George Packer on "The Assassin's Gate" (11/6/2005)

Rob Nixon on "Ostriches" (12/9/2001)